Power Factor Capacitor

Power Factor Capacitor

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Cylindric Power Factor Correction Capacitor

Most Reliable Components for Power Factor Correction And Energy Effeciency


Suitable for a wide range of applications of Power Factor Correction for compact APFC Control Panels, Industries, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Agricultural Pumps Motors and Machineries.

Tibco Advantage

Unique Features

  • Compact Cylindrical Construction
  • 3 Phase – Delta Connection
  • Easy Banking
  • Non-PCB Oil Encapsulation
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High Temperature Withstanding Capacity
  • Self Healing Properties
  • Proof Design
  • Safe-Touch, Shock-Proof Terminals
  • Longer Life Expectancy

Tibrewala Electronics Limited

Tibrewals Electronics Limited, Hyderabad, is one of India's leading Capacitor manufacturer with ISO 9001-2008 certification. We are equipped with the latest and world class state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Energy Efficient Cylindrical Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Design & Construction

Cylindrical shaped aluminum case with Metallized Poly propylene film dielectric, having capacity of handling high power density in a compact housing. Maximum reactive power can be housed in a compact housing by a low loss factor and high utilization of the dielectric. There are built-in self healing properties to increase the longevity and reliability of the capacitor.

Safety Device

Sometimes Capacitors may explode due to very high voltages in repetitive peaks, which cannot be 'self healed' by the regenerative property. Tibcon Capacitors are provided with an internal Over-Pressure Diconnector, which disconnects the capacitor from the power source and prevents it from exploding.

Aluminium Cylindrical Case Technical Specifications


IEC 60831-1 & 2, IS :13340


MKP Cylindrical

Rated Reactive Power

0.25 - 50 Kvar Single Unit

Rated Voltage

230-525 Volts

Rated Frequency

50/ 60 Hz

Maximum Over Voltage U Max

UN +10% 8 h in every 24 h

UN +15% 30min in every 24 h

UN + 20% 5 min in every 24 h

UN + 30% 1 min in every 24 h

Dielectric System

Metallized Polypropylene Flim,Self-Healing

Over Current



0.5 Watt/ Kvar

Protection Class



Natural Air Cooled

Max Above Sea Level

2,000 Mtrs.


Aluminium Double Gripped Top Lid

Discharge Resistor

Special Design Internal Discharge
Resistance 50 V In Less Than 60 Sec


Max 16 mm2 Cable With Arc Protection
Double Three Day Terminal


Indoor And Outdoor

Life Expectancy

100,000h Temp On 65°C

Inrush Current


Tolerance On Capacitance


Test Voltage Terminal To Terminal

2,15 UN, 10 Sec

Test Voltage Terminal To Casing

Un ≤ 660 V: 3000V AC 10 Sec.;
Un= 660 V :6000V AC 10 Sec

Temperature Category

-25°C / + 55°C

Mounting Position

Horizontally And Vertically

Max Humidity


Grounding And Mounting

With M12 Stud At The Bottom Of Case

Protection Type

Dry Type, Self-Healing,Over Pressure
Sensitive 3 Phase Disconnector


Non PCB,Biodegradable Natural Oil Semi
Soft Jelly